Ashiya Photo
To All Photograph Lovers:
Ashiya Photo Association was founded in Ashiya City, neighboring town of Kobe, in June, 2011 out of respect for the 2 popular photographers, Iwata Nakayama and Kanbe-e Hanaya, who declared “Find new beauty” and “Create new beauty” at Ashiya in 1930th.

Since June, 2017, Ashiya Photo Association is registered legally as a General Incorporated Association in Japan, for which we are proud of welcoming all participants in the public photo-exhibition yearly held under the social confidence and well-organized with the top class juries.

Through our photo-activities, we are aiming at promoting the cultural enlightenment and contributing to the SDGs, and thus we hope for moving to get new image ideas beyond the traditional photography accordingly.

Ashiya Photo Association is affiliated with La Photoclub de Paris Val-de-Biévre in France, Lodz Photographic Association in Poland and Foto Club ProArad in Rumania, and we hold the joint photo-exhibitions with their works regularly in Japan.

TIn exchange, our member’s selective works are sent regularly to the exhibitions at their galleries in France, Poland and Rumania.

Our next public exhibition is scheduled at Harada-no-Mori Gallery in Kobe from June 15th (Wed.) to 19th (Sun.), 2022. We welcome your participation in the exhibition under free qualification of nationality, age, gender, etc.

Thank you.

Ashiya Photo Association
Tohru Katayama, President
Ashiya Photo Association
c/o Hanaya Kanbe-e Co., Ltd.
3-6 Maeda-cho
Ashiya-shi 659-0071

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